5 Tips To Make Flying Easier

The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together.

— Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft Corporation.

Based on just about everything you read about flying these days you would think a trip to the airport was up there with a trip to the dentist, well, I may be in the minority but I love flying. I am that person in the window seat snapping photos on my iPhone out the window like it is the first time I’ve been on a plane, every time. If you follow me on instagram you know this by now. There is short rant one of my favorite comedians Louis C.K. makes during one of his stand ups about flying and how unappreciated it is, at one point he laments “you’re sitting in a chair.. in the sky.. you’re like a Greek myth right now”. I really can’t do it justice in type so you should watch it here.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying I love every single flight experience I have ever had. What I am saying is next time you are taking your shoes off at the airport remember you are about get on a plane, which the very invention of has allowed us to reach the farthest corners of this earth in a matter of hours, so don’t knock too much.This post is about a few things I’ve picked up so far that can help you enjoy get back to enjoying flying.

  • Consider paying for priority boarding.

    I fly Southwest a lot domestically since I am in Las Vegas and the quirky thing about Southwest is they do not have seat assignments, instead you line up in order by letters & numbers. When I have a tight connection, flight that’s over a few hours or if I really want to make sure I get a window seat I will pay for their Early-Bird check in. This has so far always given me one of the first 30 spots in line, and to know that my carry on will find it’s spot overhead, that I’ll most likely be able to deplane in a timely manner and I get to enjoy the view out the window the $12.50 has been worth it every time I’ve paid for it.

  • Find out if your destination deplanes from the back as well as the front.

    One of my least favorite things about flying is when it comes time to get off the plane. There is a subtle art to it and there are always people that don’t follow the unwritten rules of deplaning- which hint: generally happens from front to back, and in order by row so there isn’t people rushing down the aisle cutting people off causing the entire process to take much longer. In some airports you are able to exit the plane from both the front and the rear exits. In these cases I find this really awesome thing happens, the line tends to split somewhere down half the plane and people get off in an orderly fashion front front to back, with each exit being the designated “front”. I find this is more likely to happen in smaller airports, and it is one of the many things I love about Burbank Airport. Do a little due diligence and find out your flight is one of them and then suddenly those rear seats look more appealing.

  • Wear comfortable shoes.

    I always try to wear slip ons that are comfortable enough to easily power walk through terminals in and that come on and off easily. I have found a pair of ultra comfortable shoes be a brand called Arcopedico I ordered them off of Zappos here – by the way I ordered ½ size bigger and it fit me perfectly. They are my new go to shoes when I travel since they are so light weight, easy to take on and off and comfortable. I spent 3 days on my feet at a conference with these on and my feet were fine! Chances are you will be taking off your shoes, and if you have multiple flights before you reach your destination you will be walking and removing your shoes a few times. There is no need to make that process more hinder-some by wearing uncomfortable shoes that are a hassle to take on and off. Just remember you can always change into your stylish footwear once you have arrived.

  • Pack wisely!

    One day I will devote an entire post to packing, but for now I will keep it short and simple. I saw a saying a while ago ” When preparing to travel lay out all your clothes and all our money, now take half the clothes and twice the money”. I find that I have turned that saying into my method for packing. Luggage can be a hassle, not to mention now a days with most airlines charging for bags it is getting expensive too. Try not to over pack, as a general rule of thumb I try to pack neutral solid color pieces that can be mixed and matched a few different ways, and a good black blazer can do wonders to dress up an outfit. I also have a fabulous tote bag I travel with as one of my carry ons. For those needing to maximize space I recommend a big tote bag, the one I use is from Michael Kors Jet Set line found here. It is one of those everything and the kitchen sink bags, best of all I normally fit a smaller purse inside the tote which I use once I arrive. There are a ton of great bags, suitcases, and different organizational things out there to help you maximize your space.

  • Know the rules, and follow them.

    I am pretty sure you will not be the one who convinces the TSA agent to allow you 12 ounce bottle of shampoo in your carry on. There are all sorts of rules about what you can and cannot bring onboard, and what there are times when paperwork is necessary to travel beyond just an id: visas, passport, any necessary forms that may be needed to travel with minors, or medical equipment you may need. It can save a lot of pain and frustration if you do your due diligence about the flight you are about to go on so you arrive at the airport prepared with anything you may need. Even better if you are working with a travel consultant they should be able to give you some advice.

I have flown a variety of airlines so I don’t have any super status with an airline and I fly economy; so I’m not this fabulous lay flat first class elite status jetsetter..yet. I have learned a few things that have helped me get through some of the not so great parts about flying. What are some tips you have to help enjoy your flight?