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Seattle - view from the Ferry

Seattle – view from the Ferry

Cities are like people. Cities are complex and always changing, and the connection we have with them changes too. We may have wanted to spend every waking moment with them 4 years ago but now that we’re older, maybe that city just doesn’t fit our needs anymore (hello L.A.). Cities can be extremely confusing and disorienting (Moscow – looking at you) and lively and fun (Las Vegas)! In my book though, there is usually one city that is like our first love. It can do no wrong and seems to have access to all the coolest stuff.. always.

Seattle is my first love.

I have been there just a handful of times, the first time about 2 years ago, but it was love at first sight. It was when I was a relatively “new” traveler so everything was similar and yet different. Hello- awesome public transportation system you’re nothing like the Orange Line in the San Fernando Valley.  It also helped that the first 3 times I went there, the weather was so perfect I joked with my friends that the people of Seattle lied about that whole always rainy thing so they could encourage others to stay away.

Playing photographer for the day.

Playing photographer for the day.

I was there last week to visit friends for the weekend. Luckily, it’s a short flight from Las Vegas, even nicer when it’s only a $50 upgrade to first class on Alaska Airlines.  I will hopefully make my way over there more often, as I can never seem to get enough. Seattle always has fantastic food,  I don’t think I’ve ever had a disappointing meal here. During the weekend, due to a series of unfortunate events (seriously), I also got the chance to visit some areas the average tourist doesn’t always visit and take part in a last minute engagement photo session with the help of trusty iPhones. I went with no expectations and no set plans and came back feeling refreshed, inspired and anxious to get back to my first love.

Borracchini's Italian Bakery,

Borracchini’s Italian Bakery

Best Place I Ate: Borracchini’s bakery

What I liked: Since this is a grocery store/bakery/deli it should not be hard to imagine the wide variety of food to try. I came for pastries and desserts and wasn’t  disappointed- think of any traditional Italian pastry and it’s probably there. I highly recommend anything with the hazelnut filling. I am used to ridiculously overpriced desserts of Las Vegas, L.A and even other areas in Seattle and was prepared to be hustled, but was surprised. After going down the lines and doing what everyone dreams of doing- picking desserts “Yes, two of those.. one of those.. four of those.. filled with hazelnut? okay, add two.” I walked away wondering how on earth all of that cost less than $30. I definitely wasn’t being squeezed by the mafia- I know, I know, what’s with these mafioso references? I just watched Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown- Sicily.

 What I didn’t like: Nothing, no complaints. Seriously, I only added this part so you would know in the future this is where I would complain if I had anything to complain about. I don’t think number systems are very effective, my 4 stars is not the same as your 4 stars.

Best Thing I Saw: Gas Works Park 

Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington

Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington

What I liked: Amazing park, beautiful views and unique architecture. This park includes Seattle Light Gas Company’s former gasification plant, which gives the park a very “steampunk” look. The views are absolutely breathtaking on a clear day. It is a great area to exercise, picnic, take a date or friends and just enjoy a beautiful day. It’s also an awesome location for events like the 4th of July.

What I didn’t like: There is a lot of dog crap, everywhere. Come on Seattleites! Pick up after your dogs. Also, there is a large parking lot, but I can imagine it being extremely difficult to find parking during events, or even when the weather is really nice.

What city do you consider your “first love”?

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  1. Claudia Guyton
    Claudia Guyton says:

    Rebecca, the city I fell in love with first sight was Salzburg and the Flair of Sound of Music.
    I really like your blog and am looking forward seeing more.


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