Eating My Way Through Penang With a Shellfish Allergy

penangfoodtourFood and I have been best buds since the beginning, there isn’t a story that exists in my childhood that includes “but I told her she had to at least try it once.” Five years ago, the unthinkable happens, on a beautiful Southern California day in my parents house while eating shrimp cocktail I break out in hives, everywhere. After a 21 year  love affair with crab, lobster, oyster sauce, mussels ….. it was coming to an end, from that moment on I became highly allergic to shellfish. This presented quite the problem while I was planning my cruise throughout Southeast Asia. A healthy 50% of my motivations for traveling are stomach related.. I eat and drink my way through this world, shamelessly, and was not going to be deterred by a deadly allergy in foreign countries, I had to find a way… Read more