2017 The Year Of Doing Stuff

Kylie Jenner famously said “2016 was the year of realizing stuff.” I’m not going to pretend I don’t sort of Keep up with the Kardashians (hey! everyone can have a guilty pleasure). Well, 2016 was a pretty big year of “realizing stuff” for me. I took in a lot of information, experienced beautiful ships, hotels and destinations, sent clients on amazing vacations and got to share in creating lifelong memories all while trying to navigate my path in the Travel Industry. It is fun, you cannot work in this industry, especially doing what I do as a Travel Consultant and not have fun. I plan vacations for a living, and help those make the most out of the precious time they take off.

I spent 2016 was bursting with ideas, and have hundreds of pages – well digital pages, of notes accumulated over the year and now it is time to start sharing all of that information and developing all those ideas. If 2016 was the year for “realizing stuff” than 2017 is the year for “doing stuff.”

First up is welcoming you to Another Day In Travel.  What is Another Day In Travel?

One thing everyone who knows me personally, knows that pretty much all interests in my life revolves around travel…my hobbies include traveling, reading about travel, eating foods from different countries & cultures, and than of course my career revolves around travel. This leaves me with a lot of information and a strong desire to talk about this obsession of mine constantly. Unfortunately my 3 dogs and husband are no longer that receptive to my long monologues regarding the state of luxury cruising, and why concierge levels are brilliant. He does not care that I find 2 for 1 pricing ridiculous, and hate when cruise lines raise the price $25 but then give a $25 onboard credit. (Seriously this is a ridiculous practice). There are only so many times he will listen to the things I’d love to do if I visited Kyoto and where I’d stay… So, in an effort to save my marriage 😉

Another Day In Travel is my conversation with you, about my obsession with travel.



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